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Pauline Massimo

Artist & educator

Pauline is a Brazilian interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Spain. They are specialised in performance, movement based art expression, photography, and painting while experimenting with a variety of art forms such as Shibari, Butoh dance, and analog art.

Latest collaboration

Pauline had the honor to work with Shakira and her team for the latest music video "Copa Vacia" feat Manuel Turizo.
Their Shibari work appears in the music video where Shakira was tied up by Pauline Massimo as a mermaid.
The impressive final image of Shakira tied up and suspended in the air is the cover of her single with the same title.

Shakira, Manuel Turizo - Copa Vacía (Official Video)

Shakira, Manuel Turizo - Copa Vacía (Official Video)

Shakira Copa Vacia Shibari Pauline Massimo.jpeg
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