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Past works selection


Music video by Shakira & Manuel Turizo performing "Copa Vacía".

Pauline worked as a Shibari artist for this music video tying up Shakira as a mermaid.


Shakira tied up by Pauline Massimo as a mermaid for her single cover "Copa Vacía" with Manuel Turizo.



Performance created and directed by Pauline Massimo. An original piece under development where Pauline does Shibari, live painting with their body and ropes while interpreting a Butoh improvisation with the experimental live music by Miriam Felix. The final painting was exposed afterwards with a pure Abstract Expressionism influence in process and technique applied.

Creation began in 2022. Photos taken during a live performance in 2023 by Roser Antuña and Alessio Panasiti (black and white) at Espacio Nos.


A collaboration performance piece between Marco Motta and Pauline Massimo from a art residency at Espacio Nos in 2023.

The piece is created and directed by Marco Motta.

Pauline participated tying up Marco Motta during the performance following his art direction, they also created a vertical pole installation with bamboo and ropes which was also used as a new aerial element for Marco Motta perform his acrobat tricks.


Photos taken during the rehearsal by Carlos O. at Espacio Nos, 2023. which was also


Pauline Massimo interpreted the performance piece "Study on falling - The second study (Red Bind)" created by Marika Leila Roux for Asaf Avidan tour "Into The Labyrinth" in 2017.

The intro piece for his shows were presented in some of the most prestigious french concert halls such as Palais Garnier in Paris, Salle Pleyel also in Paris, Opéra de Rouen in Normandy and Auditorium Maurice-Rave in Lyon.

They worked with Marika Leila Roux (aka Gorgone) previously in this performance piece also in some Shibari venues in Paris.

Two first photos by Rodolphe Goupil at Opera Garnier, Paris 2017. Black and white photos by Anastasia Philippova at E.U.R.I.X., in Berlin 2017.


Performance created and directed by Pauline Massimo. This original piece was created to be performed by 4 artists simultaneously dancing Butoh, Shibari and interpreting the concept developed.

Artists: Mabel, Pauline Massimo, Roser Antuña and Scarlatana.

Creation 2022. Photos taken during the live performance by Carlos O. at Espacio Nos.


A Butoh performance and installation by Marlene Jöbstl, Gestalta and Pauline Massimo from a art residency at Espacio Nos in 2022.

The performance was co-created by all the artists involved with the main art direction from Marlene Jöbstl. The installations were created and executed by Pauline Massimo and Gestalta from the vertical bamboo forest and the giant fabric and ropes tree in which Pauline body was part of the ephemeral installation. The piece was heavily Butoh influenced with a little bit of Shibari involved in the process.

Photos by Roser Antuña at Espacio Nos, 2022.


Pauline Massimo created this piece in 2022 after a long time developing the idea of using live painting with Shibari, movement expression and live music as a performance art form.

This came to live for the first time in two pieces done in 2022. The first piece they tied up Roser Antuña using different types of red paints and pigments, the second performance was presented with Nora tied up and using the same canvas (with red paint) using this time different types of black paints and pigments. This piece was heavily though about the process as the art piece than the final painting where both models were tied up and used their respective long hairs as brush and other parts of their bodies while being directed by Pauline and influenced by Miriam Felix live music in the Cello and experimental music. The main focus was the creative collaboration through improvisation and experimentation live.

Photos of Nora tied up by Pauline by Carlos O. at Espacio Nos, 2022 (not from the performance)

Pauline Massimo photography series of Pedro and Chris at Espacio Nos, 2023.

Pauline often is hired to photograph projects, intimate sessions in which they create a Shibari session for a client, for performances and more.

Frequently, Pauline works with digital photography, but their passion lays on film photography and analog experimentations.

Regardless, using natural light and pursuing a naturalism look into their photography projects will be the common factors in their body of work.stye

Short photographs series by Vanessa Guacache at Espacio Nos in 2022.

Pauline is interpreting their own style of Butoh dance while playing with fabrics and a flower mask.

As Pauline has more than 11 years experience modelling in front of the camera for a diverse range of projects, which some appeared in different magazines, expositions, etc.

Their style of posing is usually inspired by movement expressionism and emotion evocation.

Pauline have collaborated for other photographers being hired as a professional Shibari artists and consultant for personal and commercial projects of other artists.

Selection of photographies by Rebeca Saray from 2018 in Madrid and Barcelona.

Models: Human Chuo, Nieves, Paula Mir and Pauline Massimo.

Models might have previous experience or not, but they always ensure before a shooting the safety of the model, that they both are practicing informed consent and the risks. When possible a Shibari test session can be done to ensure the model understand who Shibari feels on their body and assess their own risks and level of implication.


A solo Shibari performance by Pauline Massimo at the festival Uma Obscura in Umeå, Sweden.

Photos by Nikdesing, 2018.

Pauline have been performing since 2012 for a grand variety of venues, events, projects, parties and more. Their experience in cabaret, various types of dances, Shibari, theater Butoh and circus disciplines give them a flexible range of performances created specifically for special projects as well their own creations. They have been hired for multiple external projects as a hiring actor, performer or collaborator and as a consultant for other artists. 

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