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Pauline Massimo (they/them) is an interdisciplinary Brazilian artist and educator based in Barcelona, Spain.

With more than 11 years of professional experience in the art field from painting, dance, performance art, photography and Shibari to event curator, space holder, educator, community building and art direction in those few past years.

Currently merging their art investigation and curating events through their art studio Espacio Nos in Barcelona, being the founder and director of the space, they combine this facet with other works as a independent artist and educator for other spaces or projects in Spain and internationally.

Pauline's artistic process explores improvisation and experimentation around interdisciplinary arts with a constant research involving the nature, humanity, violence, and radical politics. Their art works are presented in different formats but mainly as live art performance, paintings and photography at different scales. They are also hired for external projects, where they work closely with other artists and production managers to build personalized pieces.

As an educator, Pauline focuses more on a non-dogmatic study and analysis of different art forms, centering the personal process of each individual. Being motivated about the interdisciplinary aspects that some art forms can occur and the impact of intersectionality in the social and political spectrum, they offer workshops, group and private classes, coaching, consulting, personal experience sessions and talks that vary between multiple topics and for all levels of experience or understanding base.

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