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Pauline Massimo has more than a decade of professional experience with Shibari/Kinbaku. Their work ranges from performance, education, photography, experience service, event curator and organiser, consultant and art direction for hiring.

You can see in this section their upcoming offerings both in-person somewhere in the world and online events.

To view the itinerancy for their 2024 tour in the Americas (US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Martinique, Brazil, etc).

Please visit go to TOUR 2024

Self-tying Hashira (Learn Shibari, online)
27 Marzo 2024


This online masterclass about self-tying specifically on a Hashira, where the body is tied on a vertical pole will offer to experienced students, both classic shapes as well more freestyle suspensions and transitions for those who love self-tying.


What you will learn:

- Risks, injuries, and accidents: how to avoid and/or mitigate them.

- Suspension line locking and fixed anchoring on the vertical pole/Hashira.

- Demonstrations and exercises closer to the ground and full suspension options on the Hashira.

- Special attention to the anatomy and well-being of your body tied up.

- Adaptations and creative explorations tips for different bodies and tastes.

More information at Learn Shibari website

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Deconstructing Bamboo (Espacio Nos, Barcelona)30 & 31 March 2024

English & Spanish
An in-person masterclass workshop at Espacio Nos (Barcelona) for both cuples and self-tying participants. Participants will navigate with Pauline's guidance in an 2 days intensive of experimentations with bamboo used in different ways, going beyond its classic use in Shibari, and creating a more modern, creative and original narrative that adapts to different tastes. They will share several exercises and practical techniques on how to use bamboo in unorthodox but efficient ways from horizontal (the classic way), to the famous Floating Hashira (bamboo hanging vertically) and everything in between, including the bamboo attached on the body and harnesses.

More info and booking at Espacio Nos website

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Estudio del Takate Kote (Espacio Nos, Barcelona)
6 & 7 Abril 2024

Una masterclass presencial en Espacio Nos (Barcelona) para participantes emparejados. Los alumnos navegaran con Pauline en este intensivo de dos días estudiando sobre una de las ataduras más  emblemáticas del Shibari, el Takate Kote. En este taller se estudiará a fondo sobre diferentes tipos de Takate Kotes, así como funciona la anatomía en esta atadura, sobre su historia e sobre como hacerla lo más segura posible, sacando el mayor partido de la sesión de Shibari tanto para jugar en el suelo como para hacer suspensiones complejas.

Más información en la web de Espacio Nos

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